Buckerell Defibrillator

Always ring 999 before either getting the defibrillator or making use of the VETS arrangements to get somebody to fetch it for you.

The defibrillator is located in the grounds of the Church. We hope that it won’t be needed. If it is needed the machine can be detached, and then taken to the incident. Attach the electrodes from the machine which will then use a recorded voice message to guide you.

In the event that the incident is not within close proximity to the Church, then there is a an emergency system called VETS which will contact by phone a voluntary helper to fetch the defibrillator and bring it to the incident AFTER you have dialled 999 for an ambulance.

                          Volunteer Emergency Telephone System (V.E.T.S)

Alongside the recently installed defibrillator we now have a group of village volunteers who can be contacted in an emergency to help you access the defibrillator. Our V.E.T.S.telephone no is

                                        01404 565310                

                          Always dial 999 first in an emergency then the V.E.T.S. 

The ambulance service are aware of the defibrillator in the village and will tell you to arrange to collect it. This is when you phone the VETS number. This single telephone number rings multiple lines at the same time therefore there is a greater chance that a helper can be found to assist you.


For a printable version of the leaflet click here –  VETS